States | Moonstone

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  • features a center bead (12mm) that contains earth from throughout the state of your choice**
  • features surrounding beads (8mm) made of natural moonstone stone*
  • strung on strong elastic and stretches easily over hand

*(Moonstone is known to be one of June's birthstones by the Gem Society)

**The Hawaii center bead contains real Pacific Ocean salt, fused with activated charcoal made from coconut shells and red alae clay from the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Small: 6" circumference (15.2cm)
Usually fits adolescents and women with thin wrists

Medium: 6.5" circumference (16.5cm)
Usually fits teenage boys and most women

Large: 7" circumference (17.7cm)
Usually fits most men

Extra Large: 7.5" circumference (19cm)
Fits larger wrists

Homes Bracelet is...

Beautiful Memories

Our bracelets are unique, like the special experiences from the places you love. Whether you are currently near or far, feel the comfort of your favorite areas on your wrist.

Pride for Your Home

We don't think it's wrong to feel strong pride for the areas where you were raised. Wear a beautiful, physical piece of your roots on your wrist wherever you go.

Admiration for a Place You've Never Been

Never been to the Great Lakes but know they're great? Love the look of the red rocks of Arizona? Feel closer to these areas with a Homes Bracelet.

one of a kind
Individually Handcrafted

We collect the earth from each locations ourselves, then handcraft the stones, sand, shells into beautiful one-of-a-kind bracelets.

Each bracelet is handmade by our small team of artisans in Traverse City, Michigan.