Welcome Wholesale Partners

After 4 years and 100,000 bracelets sold, we are finally opening the doors to our Wholesale Program. 

We are initially limiting the number of retail stores that we will join. If you are seeing this page, spots are still available.
To get started, place an order for one of our starter displays. We have two starter displays available: our top 4 styles and our top 8 styles. Each display comes with signage and an interactive bowl of rocks/shells that are used to make our bracelets.
Earth Bead collections currently available:
Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, HOMES Mix (all 5 Great Lakes), Leland Blue, Florida, Ocean Salt
All orders ship free. 
If your store requires UPC's or if you have any questions, please contact wholesale@homesbracelets.com.
Current shipping times:
1-2 weeks for starter sets
1-2 weeks for bracelet reorders